We all know that content is the king when it comes to internet marketing and product promotion thru affiliate programs. But to get highest possible conversion it’s recommended to have a good looking website. We don’t only need a clean design, but also great placement to boost our conversion to the maximum. Sometimes it’s hard to find a good looking WordPress theme to match affiliate blog in our niche.

We listed ultimate 10 themes and review systems to promote affiliate products or services in your niche. After all, you decide what’s best for you and your WordPress site.


  1. If you know what to do you can’t go wrong with Authority Pro. You can easily make tons of different things for you niche site or marketing blog.

  2. NewbieNoMore

    I agree .. if you are willing to make serious cash with affiliate marketing you need a good looking theme.

    So, one more vote goes for Authority Pro ;)

  3. Thanks WPfreaks..this is exactly what I was looking for!

  4. Can I use Authority Pro for an affiliate review site. I’d like to review some products and make a top list. Is it possible with this theme?

    • I’ve used the Authority plugin for most of my affiliate sites and I must say with little play you can achieve amazing results.

  5. Kalash Rob

    I had a chance to work with Authority Pro. It works but if you go with it…don’t expect to make 1000USD a day with no work at all :) Put some effort and sooner or later will come back to you. This time in money :)

  6. Downloading Authority Pro now…

  7. You may also want to check some other great marketing themes I didn’t list:


  8. Great share :)

  9. Anonymous

    I got Authority Pro and Product Review WordPress Theme from this collection. They are gr8!!

  10. Nieuwsserver

    Looks great, I am going with Profits Theme!

  11. Is there any theme available in which we can show more than 1 store for a single product?

    • I am not sure if I get your question, but with Authority Pro you may promote multiple products.

  12. Download AuthorityPro v3.0!!

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