If you have recently installed the most popular SEO plugin for WordPress, there is a possibility your title attribute is displaying twice. This won’t do any good to your search engine position and it may confuse visitors.

How to Fix Duplicated Title?

1. Connect to the FTP and navigate to your themes’ directory.
2. Download and open header.php with your preferred editor like Notepad++.
3. Search for title attribute and replace the existing value with

<title><?php wp_title(''); ?></title>

4. Save changes.
5. Upload & replace the header.php on your server.

The double title problem should be now fixed. If you are still experiencing problems, please leave a comment.


  1. I was wondering why my titles were displaying double in google. Thanks for this quick fix!

  2. Thank you so much it !!

    • WP Freak

      You are welcome. Just make sure you insert the line properly. If you need any help with the plugin let me know.

  3. I don’t wanna continue “Blog title” after “page title”. I have did all the things which i can but i can’t get rid of this problem.

    WordPress SEO Settings:

    Page Title Format: %%title%%

    Header.php : wp_title(”)

    Page.php :the_title()

    Please help me out, i am fed up of this problem.

  4. I don’t have in my header anywhere. What should I do?

    • WP Freak

      It’s a standard theme file. You should look better in your theme folder.

  5. This works! Only problem is I still have a double title on my homepage. Any ideas.
    Thanks again for your help.

    • WP Freak

      It’s quite possible there is another function built-in your function.php file. Please check it there and let me know.

  6. Now everything perfect, only one title! Thank you.

  7. Mudasir Nazar

    Thanks Brother

    the wp_title(”); solved my problem.

    thanks again

  8. I have tired everything to remove the double title when i search in google. nothing works! not even un installing yoast! what do i do?

  9. I have two of this on my site
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    How do I fix it?

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